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As a comprehensive HVAC destination, Ravimex International is proud to supply all the components used in auto a/c and engine cooling unit from HVAC module, compressor, radiator, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, pressure switch, electrical and electronic components down to smaller items such as O-rings.
Our experience of supplying OEM, OES, Tier 1, and aftermarket customers has given us an edge over our competitors. Moreover, Ravimex International can supply these materials not only from China but also from Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Iran to satisfy any customer with any requirement and preferences.
We are certain you will be satisfied with our products’ quality, prices, as well as our services.




Auto A/C Compressor

For many of us, as long as our car is running well, we may not think about the hundreds of parts working together under the hood to bring us our creature comforts. The air conditioning compressor is one of those parts that typically gets a lot of usage and provides that critical cool air on hot summer days

The a/c compressor compresses Freon into a high pressure (and since temperature and pressure are relative), high temperature gas which is then sent to the condenser for the process of removing the heat.

Auto AC Compressor illustration

Illustration Details:

1- Oil – Comes complete with OE-specified oil.

2- O-Rings & Seals – OE-specified and compatible with both R12 and R134a refrigerants. Includes added factory-O-Ring installation kit to prevent leakage and ensure proper installation.

3- Snap Rings – Designed to improve performance under extreme heat.

4- Thrust Bearings – Structured to withstand tension and stress for maximum durability.

5- Pistons – PTFE surface treated for smooth, efficient operation.

6- Valve, Shaft & Swash Plates – Designed with a lightweight aluminum alloy for added strength.

7-  (see above)




Auto A/C Hose

An ideal air conditioning system allows the unrestricted flow of refrigerant. But just like a city full of everyday motorists, this can be done only if the roads that lead from one place to another are in good working condition. So before your air conditioning system can dish out excellent performance, you need to make sure that its A/C Hose is more than up for the job. It’s a specialized hose designed to effectively transfer both liquid and gas.



Expansion valve

Auto A/C Expansion valve

When liquid refrigerant is forced through a restricted opening, it changes from a liquid to a gas. This change of state causes the refrigerant to become cold, and as it passes through the system, it absorbs heat from the passenger compartment. The vehicle’s air-conditioning relies on this change of state to operate, and the expansion valve provides the restriction used to control the volume and pressure flowing through the system.



v belt

Auto A/C V Belt

One of the components that have gone through little or no change at all since the early years of the automobile is the belt. Though the material might have been enhanced to provide better performance, it still carries the same basic function of powering your engine’s components. One area where these belts prove useful is in driving your A/C’s compressor. So to make sure it does a good job of doing this, it needs to be paired with an A/C Belt Tensioner. This device is what constantly keeps the A/C belt tight and firm.  By doing this, you’re assured that it’s able to dish out better performance, prevent belt slippage, and avoid quick deterioration.

Types of a/c belt:

1- Serpentine belt

2- Cogged V-Belt



Reciever driers

Accumulators and Receiver-Driers

While often overlooked in regular vehicle service, accumulators and receiver-driers play an important role in A/C operation. These components manage the flow of liquid and vapor refrigerant through the system, assuring maximum output and smooth, surge-free operation. Accumulators and receiver-driers also contain powerful desiccant packages to isolate harmful moisture from the system, protecting the internal components from corrosion, which can wear systems prematurely from the inside out and create costly leaks. When major A/C service is performed, replacement of the accumulator or receiver-drier is often recommended by leading service authorities.

Accumulators & Receiver-Driers


Desiccant Bag

Auto A/C Desiccants Bag

In order to optimize the operation of your vehicle’s precious air-conditioning system, the accumulator needs to have a reliable A/C Desiccant Bag. Desiccants are substances that dry off the refrigerant before it cycles back into your system, allowing it to exchange heat more efficiently. With a desiccant in your vehicle’s A/C, you’ll definitely notice a difference in its performance. You can avail of a variety of A/C Desiccant Bag options for your vehicle’s condenser or filter drier.



Auto A/C Relay

An electrical relay is sort of a magical device – it takes a small electrical signal and uses it to manage a much more powerful current, permitting electrical systems to be both lighter and more dependable at the same time. The air conditioner (A/C) cutout relay is designed to shut off the air conditioner compressor, by disengaging the A/C compressor clutch. Normally, when the air conditioner is active, the compressor uses power from a fan belt to convert refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. This takes a great deal of power. If the air conditioning compressor clutch is disengaged, the pulley will spin but the compressor won’t operate, reducing drag on the engine.


Pressure Sensor

Auto A/C Sensor

Superior pressure sensing is required for highly efficient A/C loop systems that enable reduced fuel consumption and improved emissions. The control of the air-conditioning ought to require only the slightest attention from the driver.   Effective   air-conditioning   helps   the driver keep a cool head in the most tricky situations and also minimizes the stress on the passengers. Longer trips tend to be hard on both drivers and passengers, but a well-functioning air-conditioning system relieves some of the discomfort.



Auto A/C Resistor

The blower motor resistor, also commonly referred to as an A/C blower motor resistor or a heater blower motor resistor, is an important component to your vehicle’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system. While a blower motor is what actually forces the hot or cold air through ducting and your car’s interior vents into the cabin, the resistor is what regulates the speed of the blower fan by reducing voltage going to the fan. It allows you to vary the settings of the blower motor so that you can lessen the amount of air that comes into the cabin, as opposed to only being able to have it blasted at you. The blower motor resistor works between a vehicle’s heater and A/C controls and the blower motor and is typically attached under the dash to the heater ducting near the blower motor to help keep it cool while in use.



Aluminum Ferrule-Socket

Aluminum Ferrule/Socket

The aluminum ferrule/Socket is used for automotive air conditioning pipe connecting or other purposes. We have exported this product to many customers in the world.

The alloy could be AA3003, AA1050, AA5052, AA6061 or any other specified alloy by customers. Typical OD is 15-34.5mm and length 25, 32, 38, 40.5mm. The surface could be as manufactured, oxidized or other required treatment. We also supply aluminum muffler that reduces noise when air conditioner is operating.

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